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7th Ward Men's ASA Slow Pitch League

League Officers are;
President: Henry Frengel, phone 724-535-7743
Coordinator: Steve Fee, 724-510-5305
Director: Lou Conti
Executive Director, Guy Demaio, phone 724-658-7838

7th Ward ASA Men's Slow Pitch League 2008

Umpires for all 7th Ward Slow Pitch League games provided by the All-American ASA Umpires Association of New Castle, PA

The 2003 summer season finished with D & D, managed by Eric Herb, winning the Division I Regular Season and Playoff Championship
New Castle Merchants, managed by Gerg DePorzio finished second in both the regular season and playoffs

Division II regular season and playoff championship was won by Bingo's.

The 7th Ward Men's Fall League Division I regular season was won by Shiderly's. Division II regular season was won by Wampum. The Playoff championship was won by ACTS, managed by Kevin Scharba

The league is currently accepting teams for the 2008 fall season. Interested teams should contact League President, Henry Frengel for further informatioin and to guarantee a position. Organizational meetings will be held beginning in August, 2008. Teams wishing to participate in the league for the 2008 season should contact the league directors. A payment of a $50 Franchise Fee Deposit will guarantee a position in the league fpr the 2008 season