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Recertification Procedure of Bats Out Of Compliance or on Banned List

Clicking on the link will show the players who have DeMarini Doublewalls that need to be recertified how to get this done. All doublewall models (except the F2) regardless of the model year need to be sent back to DeMarini for factory installed retrofit and ASA recertifcation. Those models are Doublewall Classic, B-52, Demolition, Doublewall Distance and FatBoy. Please note that any bats that would not pass a standard umpires review (ex. cracks, dents, will not pass through bat ring etc.) CANNOT be ASA recertified. All details and an easy to follow format will walk players and coaches through the procedure. ALL 2003 MODEL BATS SHIPPING AFTER SEPT. WILL HAVE BEEN RECERTIFIED BEFORE THEY LEFT THE FACTORY. We are also in the process of taking back dealer stock and recertifying as well. From Tom Berl: Wilson DeMarini Rep, Pittsburgh, PA

Louisville Slugger
Last month the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) announced that Louisville Slugger slow-pitch model SB103 Genesis was withdrawn from ASA Championship Play until further notice due to noncompliance. Note this ASA ban does not apply to model SB34 Genesis bats. Louisville Slugger is announcing its re-certification program for SB103 Genesis bats that will bring them into compliance with the ASA Bat Performance Standard: Consumers & Dealers should contact our Louisville Slugger Customer Service Department either by phone at 800-282-BATS (2287) or visit the web site at to request a return authorization number and shipping instructions. Upon receiving your SB103 Genesis bat, Louisville Slugger will make any necessary modifications to bring it into compliance with the ASA Bat Performance Standard. Actual turnaround time will vary. Our goal is to have your SB103 Genesis bat back to you within 14 days of receipt. Louisville Slugger will accept SB103 Genesis bats for re-certification through December 16, 2002. Sincerely, Louisville Slugger

Easton Sports will provide recall information and retrofit instructions on their website ( and via e-mail and letter to their sales reps and authorized retailers. The new ASA Recertification Mark will be added to the bat after the retrofit process has been completed.