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BATS NOT-LEGAL by the ASA for 2004

Miken Ultra (Balanced)

Miken Ultra (End Loaded)

Miken Ultra-II

Easton SCX2 Synergy

Easton SCX23 Synergy Plus

Louisville Slugger SB34 Genesis (the SB103 Model is STILL Legal)

Worth EST9 (Quad EST)

Worth XEST9X (Quad EST Xtra)

Worth QESTFP (Quad EST Max)

Worth SBWK (Wicked Max)

Worth Wicked (Slow Pitch Version Only)

Worth XWICKX (Wicked Xtra-Slow Pitch Version Only)

Worth WWSC Wicked Composite (Slow Pitch Version Only)


See page 2 for more info

Demarini Dark


All of the above bats are included in those bats not legal for 2004


These bats are LEGAL for ASA,

The photos are here for clarification only:


Miken Freak

Miken Velocite-II

Miken Edge

Easton SCX22 Synergy-2