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ASA Bans Bats Found Out of Compliance from Championship 2004

ASA of PA Approves New Classification Guidelines and
Policies For Co-Ed and Co-Rec Play in Pennsylvania.

ASA All-American Umpires Association
The ASA All-American Umpires Association Of New Castle and Lawrence County, PA will continue to offer training for new umpires through it's award winning "LEAD UMPIRE" program. The "LEAD UMPIRE" program provides assistance in training new umpires by assigning a "LEAD UMPIRE" to work with the new umpire to help train the new umpire

You Can't Play Softball Without Teams
Umpires Make The Game

The ASA Evaluated and Tested New Bat Swing Speed and Testing Procedures and New Ball Standards
(Sep.- 2002)
The ASA and its Equipment Testing and Certification Committee met during the USA Hooters Championship Series in Montgomery, Alabama to evaluate and test new swing speed specifications for its bat certification program and new ball weight and circumference standards. These tests and evaluation procedures were conducted by an Independent Testing Laboratory New recommendations for minimum and maximum ball weight and circumference were recommended and approved at the ASA National Council Meeting in Reno, Nevada. The ASA, as the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, is making every effort to continue to assure its members and teams that the equipment being used for the play of our great game is safe and fit for play without subjecting players to dangerous conditions due to equipment that exceeds standards of acceptable play

Interesting Information about Safety in Softball
B & N Softball Web Page Article on Safety Factors

Recertification Procedure of Bats Out Of Compliance or on Banned List

Softball Multi and Single Wall Bat List
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Are Your Officers and Directors Adequately Covered With Insurance ?
For Your Information

Are Your Officers and Directors Adequately Covered With Insurance ?
Officers of leagues where all member teams are 100% ASA registered and umpire's associations in which 100% of the member umpires are ASA registered are automatically provided with a $2,000,000 limit of liability under the ASA General Liability Insurance Policy. Coverage is provided for legal liability of the insureds named for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to others arising out of the authorized operations and official activities of the ASA. Also covered for $2,000,000 liability coverage under the policy are ASA JO Certified Coaches. Make sure your new verification of membership is sent to the national office. Call 1-800-44- COACH if you have any questions. Tournament Officials of ASA Sanctioned Tournaments are also covered for $2,000,000 liability under this policy. In addition to having your tournament listed, your sanction also verifies your coverage of liability insurance.

ASA of PA 2003 Classification Adjustments
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